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Top 20 Medical Journals That You Can Consult For Writing Your Literature Review in Medicine

A literature review provides a survey of scholarly articles on a particular topic idea. These scholarly articles can be in the form of books, journal articles and academic papers etc. In the literature review, it is necessary for us to provide an overview of key findings, concepts and developments in relation to a specific question. If we want to write a good literature review, it is necessary for us to analyze, interpret and critically evaluate the existing literature. Here, we will provide a list of top 20 medical journals that we can use in the literature review in medicine.

1) New England journal of medicine

NEJM (New England journal of medicine) is considered as the world’s leading medical journal and website. Its reason is that MEJM is providing the peer-reviewed and scholarly articles to the physicians and global medical community over the years. Students can easily use this journal in their literature review.

2) American Journal of Medicine

If you are looking for current issues and scholarly articles for your literature review, this journal is very helpful to you. Its reason is that in this medical journal, lots of current issues and scholarly articles relevant to the medicine are published on a daily basis.

3) BMJ

BMJ is known as one of the oldest journals in the medical field. Lots of peer-reviewed research papers are published in this journal on a daily basis. These peer-reviewed articles are published by global knowledge providers.

4) Journal of Medical Case Reports

The main of this journal is to provide scholarly articles to the researchers on those topics that can expand general knowledge of the medical field. That’s why they are also sharing the original reports regarding the current issues and problems. 

5) Open Medicine

This journal is providing open access to the researchers to publish their scholarly articles. By visiting this journal, the researchers can get lots of scholarly articles relevant to various fields in the medicine like cardiology, haematology, neurology and oncology etc. Students are also free to use this journal in their literature review. 

6) Journal of Internal Medicine

This essential journal is managed by Wiley Online Library. After visiting this journal, the students can find lots of scholarly articles relevant to basic medical studies, clinical, epidemiology and treatment etc. As a result, it is also possible for you to use it in your literature review. 

7) Academic Medicine

Sometimes, there is also a possibility that you are going to write a literature review about academic topics rather than current issues. Under such a situation, this journal is also helpful to you. Its reason is that with the help of this journal, it will be easy to gather enough information relevant to academic medicine.


JAMA is also an essential journal for medical students. Its reason is that by visiting this journal, it will be easy for the medical students to get enough research articles relevant to clinical review and education in the medical field. 

9) Clinical Medicine (journal)

With the help of this journal, it is possible for the students to provide enough idea about the encouragement in the field of medical care. Its reason is that in this journal, lots of articles relevant to original research in the clinical field are published in this journal.

10) BMC Medicine

It is known as the flagship medical journal of the BMC series. This journal is providing open access to the students because this journal is providing peer-reviewed articles to medical students. Students can also use it in their literature review section.

11) Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

This essential journal is providing a natural home for leading researchers and scientists. By visiting this journal, you will be able to get a wide list of journal articles relevant to current issues in the medicine filed. 

12) Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

JOEM (Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine) is also an essential journal that is providing enough information to the students about current issues in occupational and environmental medicine. 

13) Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

The most important aspect of this journal is that it was started in 1946 and since 1946, it is providing a wide range of research articles relevant to the medical field to the students. The coverage of this journal is very broad and research articles on this journal are based on the current research.

14) The Lancet

The Lancet has set extremely high standards in the field of medicine. Its reason is that by visiting this essential journal, it is possible for us to get an idea of how this journal is helpful for us in increasing the social impact of different sciences in the medical field.

15) Nature Medicine

Nature Medicine is also an essential journal in the medical field because it is famous among the researchers due to its originality, timeline and interdisciplinary interest.

16) Emergency Medicine Journal

EMI is an international medical journal that is providing enough information to the medical researchers about the pre-hospital and hospital medicine.

17) European Journal of Internal Medicine

If you are looking for enough information about internal medicine, this journal is very helpful to you. Its reason is that you can get lots of scholarly articles relevant to the internal medicine in this journal.

18) International Journal of Epidemiology

If you are looking for advance articles relevant to the epidemiology, this journal is very helpful to you. Its reason is that in this journal, scholarly articles relevant to the new developments in the field of epidemiology are published. 

19) Journal of Experimental Medicine

If you need some kind of experimental data about the medical field for your literature review section, this journal is very helpful to you. Its reason is that lots of scholarly articles relevant to current experiments in the field of medicine are published in this journal.

20) Journal of Infectious Diseases

If you are writing a research paper about infectious diseases and you want to gather existing data relevant to your topic idea, this journal is the best choice for you. Its reason is that in this journal, lots of current articles relevant to infectious diseases are shared. 

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Wednesday 6 November 2019

Psychology assignment writing guide

Writing a psychology assignment is no easy task because this is the study of human behaviors and it is not easy to understand and talk about human behaviors unless you have studied in detail and have read a lot of them. If you have been assigned a psychology assignment writing task by the teacher, you can face problems in writing the paper if you have no idea what it takes to write this assignment or if you have no prior experience of doing this before.

It is important to know that writing an assignment on psychology can just like any other assignment as it takes a same format, techniques as well as process that include location and integrating sources in the most efficient manner. If you are trying to write a top quality and custom psychology assignment, it is important that you pay some attention and focus on the guidelines that have been provided. Going through the guidelines and understanding them will give you an idea of what needs to be done as it will not only make the task easy but also take less time with lesser chances of mistakes.

This article is a guide as it will help you write a brilliant psychology assignment on your own with just a little hard work and focus.

Psychology assignment topics ideas

The first and the most important thing to do when it comes to writing a psychology assignment is the selection of topic. You need to come up with the best topic that you find interesting to write a good paper. You will have to consider a lot of topics and finalize one either with consent of your teacher or by going through each of them and deciding the one you like best. It is essential to choose a topic that gives you a chance to come up with the most relevant and important information regarding the subject and topic. It should neither be too broad making it hard for you to bring together everything to write a concise paper nor it should be too narrow to make searching for the right information very difficult. 

Psychology assignment format

The format for psychology assignment is just the same as other assignments that are written for other disciplines and subjects unless they have been otherwise specified by the teacher or the instructor. When providing the assignment guidelines, the teachers will also provide information regarding the format of the paper and how it should be done. 

The standard forward used by psychology assignment is:

Introduction – it providers the readers what the assignment is all about and gives them an insight to the information and details that will be discussed in the later part of the assignment 

Main body or discussion – it should contain the facts that you have collected, analyze them logically and provide evidence in case you agree with the facts or deny them

Conclusion – it should conclude the discussion and bring everything to a justified end, asserting what already has been said in the main body or discussion 

References – it should list all the resources that have been used for writing the paper

Psychology assignment best online resources

It is necessary for students to use the best books as well as online resources to write their assignment. It is because psychology is a very broad field and hundreds of thousands of books, scholarly papers as well as articles have been written on its various aspects that provide students key pieces of information regarding the subject. Students need to know that the thing which matters most in the assignment writing task is research and they should make use of the best online resources that will help them in their task. They can use textbooks, internet and various other resources to come up with the most relevant information that helps to develop the structure of the assignment to succeed in the class. 

Psychology assignment help

There are times when students find assignment writing too tough to do on their own. The best thing to do in this regard is to seek help for psychology assignment. There are some of the most top rated and reliable assignment writing services that provide students help by offering to write the most top quality and custom papers that are 100% unique and written according to their particular assignment writing needs.

It is necessary that students find the most professional and established assignment writing service that offers the best advice and assistance on writing their papers. From selection of topic to writing the paper and editing to formatting, students can look forward to the most efficient psychology assignment help with the right guide.

Friday 25 October 2019

How Students Can Build Strong Relationship With Their Fellows

Building students ‘strong relationship is most essential in order to organize a good classroom. Having a strong relationship between students will be functional and advantageous. If students have a good relationship then they can solve all study problems and gain good grades. Teachers don’t know how to build strong relationship with their fellows. If students do not cooperate with each other then the environment will not be good and in a disturbing environment, students will not feel relaxed. A disturbing environment will leave a bad impact on the minds of the students and they will lose their grades. Restriction free environment will give new ideas to the students and they will gain high grades. Let’s discuss some ways that teachers should use in order to build a strong relationship between the students.

Learn Name Correctly: Most students make margin and they don’t like to make friends to others, therefore, they feel invisible in the school. A teacher should make necessary efforts to establish a strong relationship in the class. A valueless person goes in diversity and falls down. If the teacher announces the correct name of that student then he will feel that he is valuable in the class. A teacher should play a positive role. 

Share Notes As Well As Books: Another best way to build a strong relation between class fellows is sharing things. As we know that sharing is the best method to build a relationship. Teachers should prepare notes and then ask the children to copy these notes and share it will all the friends. In other words, students should share their books as well as pens. This is a good habit that every student should adopt. Teachers should deliver a lesson to the students about sharing some things. Indeed, teachers should share stories of their friendship when they had shared a book with his friend. If a teacher will tell these interesting stories, it will encourage the students to make friends of their class fellows.

Post-Student Picture and Student Work: Most teachers save the previous outstanding work of the student. We see that high school and middle school teacher don’t share the work of their students. A teacher should understand the value of work. We see that the teachers in elementary school are very good to save the work of their student. If you want to build a strong relationship between the students then you should share the work of the previous students and show your current student how much they were hard working. After getting complete information, the student will want to do work together.

Change The Seat: Another best way to build a strong relationship between the class fellows is changing seats. If two people are sitting together and they are not a good friend then it means there is a lack of intellectual harmony. Intellectual disharmony will not create friendship between them. Therefore, you should change the seats of the students. If you will change seats then the student will able to make intellectual harmony between them.

Make Group Of The Students:Working together is the key tosuccess. If four or five students will work together then they will increase their skills of learning and listening. By working together students will be able to understand one another. A teacher should little task to the students in order to build a strong relationship between them. Understanding is the first step to start a friendship, therefore, teachers should give little task to the students in the classroom. When students will work together then they can understand one another. This is most useful and beneficial way that you should adopt in order to increase mental level, reading and thinking skills of the students and build a strong relationship between students.

Simply Distance: My friend told me that a teacher should make a silent distance from their student. The teacher should provide a peaceful environment for the students in order to build a strong relationship between them. If a teacher spendsan amount of time in talking with students then student can learn a lot of new things. Therefore, teachers should spend free time with children and ask them their hobbies as well as interesting things. All students deserve a positive relationship with teachers as well as class fellows. Teachers should give opportunities to the student to share their thinking and ideas. To sum up the whole discussion I would like to suggest you if you have any problem in your study then contact with Dissertation Writing Service

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Importance of Cover Letter While Submitting Resume for a Job

A resume is used for a variety of purposes but most people use it to secure a new job. A resume is a document which presents the skills and accomplishments of a candidate who is looking for a job. While submitting a resume, it is necessary for job seekers to submit a cover letter too. Its reason is that a cover letter is a document which highlights key skills of a specific candidate and tells why you are fit for this job. Therefore, we should try to tailor a specific cover letter for an individual job. Its reason is that there are different nature and requirements for different jobs. Some essential benefits of submitting a cover letter with a resume for a job are given below written by the writers of dissertation writing service;

1) It addresses a specific individual

Before writing cover letter and resume, we should conduct effective research and we should know about the hiring manager. In a cover letter, the candidates should address to him. Moreover, this cover letter should also address the specific skills and qualifications of students that are necessary for this particular job. A cover letter is shorter than a resume and sometimes, there is a possibility that hiring managers don’t have enough time and they hire candidates just by taking an overview of a cover letter rather than a resume. 

2) Get attention

Some years ago, job seekers send resume to hiring managers via mail. In these days, it was not necessary for candidates to attach a cover letter along with resume. After that savvy job coaches recommended cover letters for job seekers. When job seekers started to send cover letters along with a resume, they knew that these cover letters are useful to get the attention of hiring managers. Its reason was that these cover letters just provide necessary details rather than the whole academic and professional career of candidates. 

3) Emphasize the positive

As we have discussed earlier that most hiring managers don’t have enough time to read resumes of all candidates. A cover letter provides you with a chance to tantalize hiring managers to look at your full resume. You just need to add your accomplishments, job experience and skills in a cover letter without providing enough details. If hiring managers are interested in your previous job career or accomplishments, they will definitely read the resume for full details of your previous job career and accomplishments. This will last positive impression on the minds of hiring managers and your chances to get a job will be increased. 

4) Explains your contribution

A cover letter also provides a chance for candidates to explain why you are interested in this specific job and why you want to attach to this particular company. In other words, it provides you with a chance to customize your application for a specific position in this company. You just need to conduct effective research and try to get an idea which skills are necessary to get success in the company where you are sending your resume. After conducting research, you should tell hiring managers with the help of resume how your talent is helpful for them to promote their business. 

A cover letter also provides a chance for candidates to share their personality. Its reason is that for some positions in a company, the personality of a candidate matters a lot.

About the author:
Ana Rudolf is a research writer affiliated with a dissertation writing service provider company. She helps and guides students in writing, editing their academic writing tasks. She also writes on social issues, problems of youth and other topics of her interests in her free time.

Saturday 6 April 2019

How to Embrace the New Way of Learning

New Way of Learning
Living in the current date and time, you might have noticed how most of the conventional learning methods seem to no longer apply to modern learning. A gap now exists that differentiates clearly between the level of Learning that we receive from our academia, or our work place, and the way we actually learn. IN out current system, 95 percent of learning comes from formal academics and trainings, which means that you have to dedicate a fixed time, and go to a pre-selected spot in order to just and listen and try to grasp at a few notes to help you “learn”. Stay neutral and ask yourself this question. Do you actually learn something from this? Do you actually feel enlightened? Except for the first few minutes, or for some people, hours, you will not remember most of what was said except for just a few key points.

In fact, according to a research by a PhD dissertation writing service, the brain forgets 50 percent of what it learns in a classroom environment. Also you will never know where to apply that knowledge, or information you just acquired, and this kind of training or education never tells you that who are the right people to talk to etc. This has been proven multiple times, the most well known of them is the 70:20:10 model. In the 1996 book “The Career Architect Development Planner” by Michael M. Lombardo and Robert W. Eichinger, they prove through a survey given to almost 200 executives to self report on how they think they learn. And this is what they found out:
  • 70% from challenging assignments during work or Academics
  • 20% from developmental relationships with the right people
  • 10% from formal coursework and training etc.

So according to this study, people who give an organization an actual value, or add to actual growth of the said organization are those that know what the right things to do are, who the right people are, and what matters the least is what they have learned through everyday trainings or academics. So who are these Other people they are talking about? Well, learning is majorly done through interactions with other people. Take your own example, how did you learn to talk when you were a child? Did you go to a school? Attended training sessions? No, you learned because of your parents or whoever was around you at the time. We learn from others around us all the time. and it is a much more effective way of learning.

So in a nutshell, informal training work this way: While at work, you ask for help, and either you receive it, or you resort to handling it yourself by the plain old trial and error method which is a great source and method of learning in and of itself. Informal training works because it has a personal feel to it. You either achieve it by yourself or you rely on someone teaching it to you personally, that means taking time out of their schedule and working for you on it. See that means something, it has a value to it, unlike sitting in a room a room and listening to the same thing that 50-60 others are listening to as well. It doesn’t feel right, and that’s not a problem with the method, it worked for so long so it cannot be useless right.

It’s just that the current time we’re in, our perception of learning has changes so much because of technological advancements, such as the internet. You can get all the information you want on the internet, and it helps you keep it social as well. For example, you watch an informative video, but do not understand something, you can always write in the comment section and someone will get back to you. It is indeed a brand new world we live in, and the sooner we embrace these changes, the better. New way of learning makes use of the internet and believes in a self help approach to learning. You can utilize various platforms on the internet like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TED talks, also there is a large number of online Universities that provide free of cost courses like the Khan Academy. These are only a drop in the sea of information that is the Internet. You choose what you want to learn, and how you want to learn it. You might be someone who prefers videos, others might prefer reading, The New Way of Learning allows you to choose any method you like.

You choose how much you want to learn and what are your time preferences. You can either dedicate a certain time period to your studying or learning, or you can start whenever and wherever you feel like you have the time, it doesn’t matter. So you learn on your own terms, in a true sense. It is such a dynamic way to learn that you will never get tired of it, however you might take it for granted. If there isn’t a check and balance involved like a certain amount of hours necessary to learn and educate yourself, or something like an exam or a test, you might go off track and not learn anything at all, and that is the worst case scenario, because it will halt the current learning process and it can halt any future endeavors as well that you might have with regards to your learning.

Not only that, but you might influence others around you as well to gradually let go of learning and just concentrate on the work at hand, leaving you stagnant as well as the organization you work for. But if utilized in the right manner, The New Way of Learning can be a game changer. A few organizations have already started to deploy The New Way as their standard training procedure, a prime example is Adidas, they were the ones who coined the phrase New Way of Learning. It will completely change the way organizations train their employees, change the way academics work, and change the way people learn new things.

Monday 25 March 2019

How to Pass Your Assessments

How to Pass Your Assessments
Whenever there is word assessment in a student’ life we think about a lot of assignment, test, and examination etc. and that’s true a student has to pass these all assessments in his academic career to proceed further towards levels of education. But among these all types of assessments the most important is one, passing that will allows you to enter in the next level of academia means if you have passed a high school then joining a college. So your final exams at high school can be an assessment that you must have to pass for having a degree to get admission in college.

It is not only required for entering in a college for education but also for different institutes for certifications and short courses. Assessments are really important because these provide a student an opportunity to learn and go for further education of his own choice. It becomes more important for students who want to get a certificate, degree or pass pre-requisites for entering in an institute or academic level. Here you must have a question in your mind;

What Does Assessment Test Mean for Me? Most of the institutes categories their assessment tests in different subjects like English, Maths and analytics to analyse a student’s basic knowledge to place him/ her in to the level of their wish or according to their knowledge. This process of assessment saves students’ and institutes’ time and money by allowing you to minimize the number of steps needed to meet specific completion requirements. To prepare yourself for getting succeed in an assessment test here are some steps that you will be requiring in order to buy dissertations online to ensure your best performance;
  • Search for the means for preparation but before that you must be clear with the criteria of that particular institute or level of education where you want to go for.
  • Find past assessment papers to know about the required subjects to be prepared and the possible questions and this all knowledge will boost your confidence to attempt assessment test.
  • Plan that how will you attempt the test, which subject you will be prepare to solve first.
  • Prepare yourself physically to be attentive during assessment that enables to understand each question and answer with appropriate facts. For that get enough sleep the night before the day when you have to go for test.
  • While you are attempting your test don’t rush, give the possible time to yourself to understand and analyse each question and then answer.
  • Don’t be in hurry and take this test for granted because your performance in this test is same important as of your all academic background. This is the chance to be at your dream level of education and in institute so don’t miss it.

You must be clear with the marks criteria for your dissertation topic and at the end, analyse that have you attempt with the enough attention and knowledge to get mark to be on the list of test passing students. These are some simple ways to ensure pass your assessment.

Wednesday 6 March 2019

How Will Modern Technologies Change The Way Of Teaching In The Future?

Modern Technologies
Modern technology is the main part of our lives; since we wake-up in the morning and sleep at night we are surrounded by technology and use it several times throughout the day for multiple purposes. Technology has slowly and regularly penetrated in our lives without many of us realizing its impact at some point it has made on our lives. It has made our easier and has opened new horizon and channels for development. In this argumentative essay, we will discuss how will modern technologies change the way of teaching in the future. If you are unable to write an academic essay on modern technology, then you should get help from the professional writers of cheap essay writing services. In fact, technology has brought a great change in the life of human beings.

Nowadays, technology is a very essential part of our life. It can make easier the way of teaching and learning. However, most important question is that technology will be beneficial in the future or not. The world is stirring digital, because, there are a lot of services and stores that are helpful for the technology. Using digital platforms skills can be learnt through the internet by just merely having a 3G and 4G on our phones. We can access these learning platforms that can be created by governmental collaboration or the private sector. We have many opportunities that are created by the Federal Government

The use of virtual will help teachers in order to enhance the knowledge of the student in the classroom. It was the previous days; it was common to learn on a chalkboard. Modern technology has changed the way of learning and teaching. It provides many methods to the teacher that they can use in the classroom in order to teach their students. Practical applications permit students to take a step into an amazing world. Modern technology provides us with many tools that student can use in their education. All these things are really helpful for all the students. Nowadays, students have no need to search books in the libraries, because, a student is able to find all materials as well as books online. AR is a basic learning tool for the entire student that can improve the student performance in the class.

Not like virtual reality, AR brings digital representations of diverse artefacts into the classroom. Education and technology can hand in hand create students as well as future professionals who are sounder in their knowledge with skills that shall also help Pakistan in overcoming poverty and raise the standard of living of people. These platforms are important as it also overrides any chance of biases and favouritism as it provides equal opportunities to each and every individual, so it would not matter whether you are in a metropolis like Karachi or far-flung area, the students can access digital skill providing platforms and benefit itself, it shall be a self-learning as well a development that will create better chances for his prospect for and help in materializing their aspirations.

Friday 22 February 2019

The Pros And Cons Of Hiring A PhD Thesis Writer

PhD Thesis Writer
The process of writing PhD thesis is very difficult for the students due to time and complexity. However, there are professional writers who can help you in writing your PhD thesis. A professional writer provides you high-quality work that is beneficial for you in order to gain success. If you are unable to write a PhD thesis, then you can get help from the expert writer of PhD dissertation writing services. There are several writing services that help the student with their PhD thesis. With the help of these professional writers, the students can submit a better PhD thesis that flows smooth and has the related information about it. These experts also add the X-factor in the thesis which immediately helps in getting the green flag. Apart from all this, a PhD thesis is most important for the students. Here are pros and cons of hiring a PhD thesis writer.

Pros: Unique Topic
The main advantage of a professional writer is that the professional writer helps you in choosing a unique topic. He provides you high quality of content that gives you high grades in your thesis. The experts, who provide PhD thesis service, always come up with a unique topic so that the students work stand out from the crowd. The unique topic is not repeated from the existing research and thus helps the students can submit original work. Writing a PhD thesis statement is very difficult while drafting a proposal for PhD thesis. The statement is very important and foremost criteria checked before the institute approved your proposal. Therefore, this section needs special attention. With the help of professional writers, you need not to worry a bit. They will provide a powerful thesis statement in your PhD thesis.

Pro: Preliminary Results
With the high quality of work, PhD thesis writer gives you high-quality content that is the cause of preliminary results. These results are essential for the institute to analyze if the thesis will have some outcome or not. The experts have already passed through this phase and know the best work plan for your PhD thesis. The reference section is also critical. Most of the time students are stuck due to the references. Most students do not discover the reference or they do not know what references are useful. The experts already have knowledge of a lot of published literature and know the suitable literature for your thesis. Choosing a professional PhD thesis writing help gives you the benefit of presenting high-quality scholarly references in your bibliography.

Cons: Cost
The disadvantage of a professional writer is that they provide thesis help with too much cost. Most students are unable to pay big money. However, our academic writing service gives you high quality of work at an affordable price. Therefore, you should hire our professional writer in order to save your future. The students, who have not got help from the professional experts, have missed the chance of increasing their scores. The work done by these professionals is nowhere comparable to other students. The main reason is that these professionals are experts in their field. They make the content compelling and information that gives good impact. They focus on each and every aspect of thesis writing, right from the introduction to the methodology, results, discussion. As a result of their expertise, they adhere to all the instructions provided by the institution. In most cases they do not conduct the best research possible, formulate questions, and perform actual writing.

Cons: Research
In many cases, they do not write your PhD thesis with proper research, because, they have a lot of work to do in their daily routine. Therefore, you should insist that they write your thesis with a proper and unique result. However, the process of researching while writing a thesis is a very tedious task. It requires adequate time and resources to perform research. With the help of experts, the research time is reduced drastically. They are aware of the tits and bits of research. The actual writing part needs the right skill to compose all the researched skill. Most of the students get stuck at this stage also. This is where professional PhD thesis writing experts can drag you out of trouble. In case you do not have enough time or aspire to score good grades through your thesis, therefore, you should get help from the professional writer of academic writing services. This is very beneficial for all the students in order to gain high grades in their PhD thesis.

Saturday 2 February 2019

Why Is a Positive Mind Important?

A mental attitude in which you expect some good and favourable results is known as positive mind or positive thinking. The positive mindset or positive thinking can provide us enough thoughts which are helpful to us to transfer our energy into reality. In any situation, a positive thinker expects a happy ending. One can apply positive thinking by using positive words when talking, by removing all the negative thinking, by using such words that can evoke strength and success and by thinking failure as an opportunity. Here, experts to buy dissertation online will discuss the importance of a positive mindset.

1) Positive impact on health
Positive mind or positive thinking has a great impact on our mental, physical and emotional health. Primarily, positive thinking or positive mind is helpful to eliminate paranoia and negative thoughts from our mind. These paranoia and negative thoughts can become a cause of depression and stress. In other words, we can say that positive thinking has a domino effect on the development of our personal health. The positive thinking also allows people to enjoy a happy life. Its reason is that with less stress and depression, we can perform our daily activities smoothly. According to research, positive thinking is the best cure for any cardiovascular illness. Its reason is that the main cause of cardiovascular illness is stress hormones and positive thinking can prevent the stress hormones from being released. Moreover, it is also observed that positive thinkers can live a blissful and longer lifespan than the negative thinkers.

2) A better career
There are various factors that become a cause of stress for a human but the major contributing factor of stress for a human being is work. Its reason is that a person has to come across many challenges in the workplace. These challenges can be in the form of workload, colleagues and his performance. If a person adopts a negative mindset to get rid of these challenges, he is not able to get success in his professional life. On the other hand, a worker who accepts these challenges with a positive mindset can easily get success in his professional life. Its reason is that with the help of a positive mindset, one can show outstanding results and he can also develop healthy relationships with the colleagues. Moreover, you will also get admires from the people around you.

3) Building and developing relationships
The negative and positive thinking can also last some impacts on the relationships with the others. The positive thinkers try to respond to the people in a positive manner with the help of happy and affirmative thoughts. These happy and affirmative thoughts can spread happiness around you. These optimists also try to inspire and motivate others with the help of stories and viewpoints of the successful people. On the other hand, negative thinkers try to spread worries around them. Moreover, they also try to cheat others instead of inspiring and motivating them. That’s why most of the people try to ignore the negative thinkers and they try to show their attractants towards positive thinkers.

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