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Saturday 6 April 2019

How to Embrace the New Way of Learning

New Way of Learning
Living in the current date and time, you might have noticed how most of the conventional learning methods seem to no longer apply to modern learning. A gap now exists that differentiates clearly between the level of Learning that we receive from our academia, or our work place, and the way we actually learn. IN out current system, 95 percent of learning comes from formal academics and trainings, which means that you have to dedicate a fixed time, and go to a pre-selected spot in order to just and listen and try to grasp at a few notes to help you “learn”. Stay neutral and ask yourself this question. Do you actually learn something from this? Do you actually feel enlightened? Except for the first few minutes, or for some people, hours, you will not remember most of what was said except for just a few key points.

In fact, according to a research by a PhD dissertation writing service, the brain forgets 50 percent of what it learns in a classroom environment. Also you will never know where to apply that knowledge, or information you just acquired, and this kind of training or education never tells you that who are the right people to talk to etc. This has been proven multiple times, the most well known of them is the 70:20:10 model. In the 1996 book “The Career Architect Development Planner” by Michael M. Lombardo and Robert W. Eichinger, they prove through a survey given to almost 200 executives to self report on how they think they learn. And this is what they found out:
  • 70% from challenging assignments during work or Academics
  • 20% from developmental relationships with the right people
  • 10% from formal coursework and training etc.

So according to this study, people who give an organization an actual value, or add to actual growth of the said organization are those that know what the right things to do are, who the right people are, and what matters the least is what they have learned through everyday trainings or academics. So who are these Other people they are talking about? Well, learning is majorly done through interactions with other people. Take your own example, how did you learn to talk when you were a child? Did you go to a school? Attended training sessions? No, you learned because of your parents or whoever was around you at the time. We learn from others around us all the time. and it is a much more effective way of learning.

So in a nutshell, informal training work this way: While at work, you ask for help, and either you receive it, or you resort to handling it yourself by the plain old trial and error method which is a great source and method of learning in and of itself. Informal training works because it has a personal feel to it. You either achieve it by yourself or you rely on someone teaching it to you personally, that means taking time out of their schedule and working for you on it. See that means something, it has a value to it, unlike sitting in a room a room and listening to the same thing that 50-60 others are listening to as well. It doesn’t feel right, and that’s not a problem with the method, it worked for so long so it cannot be useless right.

It’s just that the current time we’re in, our perception of learning has changes so much because of technological advancements, such as the internet. You can get all the information you want on the internet, and it helps you keep it social as well. For example, you watch an informative video, but do not understand something, you can always write in the comment section and someone will get back to you. It is indeed a brand new world we live in, and the sooner we embrace these changes, the better. New way of learning makes use of the internet and believes in a self help approach to learning. You can utilize various platforms on the internet like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TED talks, also there is a large number of online Universities that provide free of cost courses like the Khan Academy. These are only a drop in the sea of information that is the Internet. You choose what you want to learn, and how you want to learn it. You might be someone who prefers videos, others might prefer reading, The New Way of Learning allows you to choose any method you like.

You choose how much you want to learn and what are your time preferences. You can either dedicate a certain time period to your studying or learning, or you can start whenever and wherever you feel like you have the time, it doesn’t matter. So you learn on your own terms, in a true sense. It is such a dynamic way to learn that you will never get tired of it, however you might take it for granted. If there isn’t a check and balance involved like a certain amount of hours necessary to learn and educate yourself, or something like an exam or a test, you might go off track and not learn anything at all, and that is the worst case scenario, because it will halt the current learning process and it can halt any future endeavors as well that you might have with regards to your learning.

Not only that, but you might influence others around you as well to gradually let go of learning and just concentrate on the work at hand, leaving you stagnant as well as the organization you work for. But if utilized in the right manner, The New Way of Learning can be a game changer. A few organizations have already started to deploy The New Way as their standard training procedure, a prime example is Adidas, they were the ones who coined the phrase New Way of Learning. It will completely change the way organizations train their employees, change the way academics work, and change the way people learn new things.

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