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Friday 23 December 2016

Few Things to Do When There is an Essay Writing Competition

Essay Writing Competition
You can always encounter serious competition in your class. Some new admission may be better than you and now you have to work all over again on your essay writing skills to prove yourself to be a better writer than all of the students in your class. When you compare your work with your own, there is a difference, but when you are targeting to be better than someone else then it is entirely a different thing. So gear up if you want to win the next essay and start working on your writing.
  • Critically analyze your work and go through your past essays. Compare what you have written a little earlier with any of your recent work and see if you find any visible difference.
  • A lot of great essay writing exercises are available on Pinterest, check them out and browse as much as you can. The best thing about checking such things on Pinterest is that you find a lot of other related resources there as well based on your search, you can save them and create related boards for them and learn a lot of things.
  • Make your work creative by not following the old trends of essay writing. Try to write fun essays. If you essay is about something technical and you have to write on some really strict principles then research thoroughly before you get on with the writing part.
  • Research is very important for most types of essays. There are many types of essays and in order to save yourself from the confusion, go through the type of essay that you are writing, read their characteristics and then begin the writing.
  • Never write an essay without an outline, an essay written after an outline looks very refined, finished and has a professional edge to it, also, you eliminate all the unnecessary points from the outline so only the points that are important are written.
  • Use of interesting choice of words in essay writing means a lot. If you want to accelerate your essay writing game, better use interesting vocabulary and use the words well. make sure that you yourself understand the new words you are using in the essay. There are no limits to using words but repeating them is not recommended, it makes the essay boring.
  • Sell your essay in the very beginning by writing a winning introductory paragraph which is not too long, very precise, nicely written and hooks up the reader at once. It should make the reader want to read your work till the end. This is why the introduction should be short and you should make sure to not give away any detail in the introduction to increase curiosity.
  • To get maximum marks in your essay writing, start the work early, buy essay online and submit it sooner. Submitting your work before others will be very benefitting as no one else has set a standard for you yet and your work is not compared to anyone.

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