Thursday, 8 March 2018

Writing Footnotes In Chicago Style The Rules And Tips

One of the main difference in the citation style of Chicago and the other style is that the Chicago style makes use of the footnotes. In the case of the other styles, the references are cited in parenthetical closes. The footnotes are included in the paper to indicate the source of the quotations and any information included in the paper. The footnotes are placed at the very end of the sentence, also at the end of clause or at the end of the page. These indicate the very source of the information that has been included in the paper. The numbers are used to indicate the relative footnote. the numbers are placed at the very superscript. 
One of the main strategy that is used for the inclusion of the footnotes is that they are shortened and brief. It is the rule that the first footnote is the one that has the full information and compete information of the source. In the case of the subsequent notes, it has been seen that they are shuttered and briefed. Some of the main information that is included in the shortened footnotes include the last name of the author and the date that is always followed by a comma, the title of the work that needs to be shortened to almost four words that is mostly formatted in italics or marks, and lastly a page number that is followed the title of the source.

In most of the cases, it is seen that there is a need to insert multiple citations or footnotes for the same source. When there are two notes that are to be included for the same source, the abbreviation of ‘ibid; is to be used. Ibid needs to be written with a page number, a period, and a comma. When the note refers to the similar or the same source and reference, there is no need to mention the page number. It is important that the numbers that are used in the paper should match the references added.

In most of the cases it is important that the information of the contributor is included in the footnotes. The extra information includes the editor, compiler and the translator. In case if the are more than one contributor, their names need to be included in the footnotes ijn an organized and an alphabetic manner.

There may be a possibility that there may be no author in the given source. In this case the information that has been not given on the page simply needs to be omitted and one should contribute with the footnote. in addition, a part of the work when needs to be added in the footnotes there is a need that relevant page number and the identifier must be included.

Friday, 23 February 2018

What Are Some Activities That Help To Reduce Home Sickness among University Students

When the students are sent to the other countries or cities for the purpose of education, it comes as a challenge to them. The students can become homesick as they miss their families, their siblings and their lives back home. It has been seen that this is the overall level of homesickness that does not let the students concentrate or focus in a proper manner. Here are some tips with the help of which the homesickness can be reduced. These are some of the main topics with the help of which the students can focus on their studies.

1. Enjoy where you are. Wherever the student is, it is important that the students go out and enjoy themselves. This can be done by visiting some of the most popular places around.

2. Face your fears. Face the issues that overwhelm you. If the students feel more homesick in the more crowded places, they should expose themselves to the more crowded places. This will let the students feel more known to the fears they are known.

3. The gifts can be one of the best ways to get rid of homesickness. The days will be full of fun once the students start to think of giving gifts to their family members.

4. Food is known to reduce the stress to a greater extent. One of the main tips is to make sure that the students should explore the food in the local areas. The foods will become of the most tangible source of the experiences gained by the student.

5. There is no doubt about the fact that the technology is one of the main sources of keeping in touch with the family. However, remaining too connected can lead to more stress. It is important that a balancebe found between the studies and the family back home.

6. Other than this, it is important that the students take a break from social media. Undoubtedly keeping in touch with what everyone is doing is important but too much can be saddening and distracting.

7. One of the main tips is to make sure that a friend back home is called upon and asked for visiting. When the friends are around, it can be fun to spend time. This can also help in reducing sickness in the students.

8. A list should be prepared by the home sick student to explore the new city or the country. This will help keep the mind happy and busy.

9. All the good habits that the student has must be continued. The habits can be reading. Alternatively, cooking or having healthy eating habits. For the habits, the surrounding shops and markets can be explored.

10. Try, workout, and exercise regularly. This will also help in keeping the mood more energetic and refreshed. This will lead to an increase in the overall positive energy. It can also lead to the fact that the students must keep up with making new routines.

Friday, 2 February 2018

How to Structure Imaginative Writing?

Imaginative or creative writing is always considered as a non-academic writing piece and that is not always true. There are some fields of studies those require to write imaginative piece of writings. Some fields of arts require writing creative piece or sometimes a professional field also asks for creativity even professionals write creatively to convey their message to their audience. So there are things to be kept in mind while you are planning to an imaginative piece of writing. There are two basic things to be considered before writing and structuring of creative writing, first is Think about your audience/reader, second is Structuring the writing;
Think about the Audience/Reader:

Your audience or reader defines the type of your creative writing so first thing is to think about them. Think about readers’ means you need to know and understand their level of understanding about the topic. There are different examples of writers of creative writing a teacher or trainer first think what he would be delivering in terms of creative writing;

· Teacher or Trainer: This writer has to convey his expertise to the reader or audience who are unlikely to have prior knowledge about the topic that the writers want to convey.

· What questions the audience/reader may have: This is the most important thing to keep in mind while structuring your writing pieces it must contain the answers of questions those are likely to arise in reader’ mind while reading content.

· Contrast Questions: There might be some readers who have basic knowledge about the topic and in case of complex topic they have contrast questions in their mind so also include answers of such questions in your writing.


Three-act structure approach is recommended by experts for imaginative writing, that plays a role of writing devise for creative writing areas like TV plays or film. These acts of the approach are not as specific as of a story but a seamless act that is not followed by audience and they could not notice if one is even ended.

This structure is a plotline that contains these elements;

1. Set-up:Identify the characteristics of characters and relate them to each other within the world they live.

2. Confrontation: This is a turning point of an act that previously was a central problem discussed through main character. For example hero of a story who is working on murder case and undergoes into the study of case and supporting characters helps to overcome the problem.

3. Resolution: This is the climax or end turning point of the story, where the characters act the way to take story at peak.

This three-act structure would better work for story writing but for other creative piece of writing can also be structured through this approach but requires different tactics, tactics of presentation or handling character or acts of imaginative piece of writing. In essay writing the colours of story tale are missing so if you are planning to write an essay than think your ideas as characters and use above approach by dealing with your ideas to take them to the conclusion.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

How to Construct Literature Review Dissertation?

If you have been assigned a literature review dissertation writing task, it is important to work on it the right way because at this academic level, writing a literature review dissertation is significant and it is a way to test your ability to read, analyze and digest a certain literature. Teachers assign students a literature review writing task because they want to see how well the students have been able to understand the text that they have been taught what important points they have processed and what to what level they are able to critically review at it. When writing a literature review, it is important that you provide an overview of the subject issue order text under consideration and see what it is all about.

A literature review can be explained as a written overview of major writings and other sources on selected topics.Studentsmust understand that the sources covered in the review can include scholarly journals, articles, books, government reports, website or any other type of content that their teacher wants them to critically analyze.Literature review begins with the description summary and evaluation of the source and later moves on to critically analyze it and establish theoretical framework for the topic and subject area and see what the students have understood about it.

When it comes to constructing literature review dissertation it is important for students understand that it can be a complex process at graduate level and they must follow the guidelines and the instructions that have been provided by the teacher in order to do a good job on their assignment.

It is important that students focus on the topic and the subject of the Literature that they have been assigned to review and go through it deeply to analyze it, race questions on how it has been written and discuss the authors you and how they have been able to affect the readers so that they can had their own understanding and analysis who built a case.

When writing a literature review dissertation, students must define the topic and provide appropriate context for reviewing the literature as they must tell their teachers why they are working on this particular literature and establish the reasons too, that is the point of view for knowing the literature. They should also explain the organization such as the sequence of the review and how they will analyze each part of the content so that it becomes easy for the readers to understand their review and analysis. In addition to this, they must also state the scope of the review telling the readers what they have included in this review and what they have not and why, providing reasons so that the readers can understand how they are targeting their review by highlighting the importance of what they are doing.

Constructing a good literature review dissertation at this stage is not easy because it requires proper handling of content, analysis and complete information about how this analysis has been obtained. It is only with insight into the content and thorough knowledge that students can write a prefect paper. 

Monday, 18 December 2017

For Hiring Assignment Writing Services, You Should Seek Reliability

If you are looking forward to writing a top quality and customer assignment but you find it too hard to accomplish on your own, it is best that you seek assistance from a reliable and professional assignment writing service. It is because writing an assignment is key part of the academic process and you need to work really hard on it so that you can achieve success in class. The better you work on your papers, the better results you can look forward to in the long run.
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Teachers assign these writing tasks to students because they want to see how well the students have learned during their academic days and if they are ready to perform well and move forward in the professional life. Writing an assignment is not a very easy task and in most of the cases, students face a number of problems when they get to work on the assignment. There are many students who seek assistance from professional service providers who can do a good job on their paper, but in most of the case, they failed to find a service provider that is at the same time reliable and provides a top quality paper.

If you want a paper that is custom and unique and at the same time gets delivered on time, it is best that you see a top rated and reliable assignment writing service that understands your needs and fulfills them most effectively. You can hire any assignment writing service that you want as internet is full of such service providers but you must keep the reliability factor in mind when you are searching for one. It is because getting a paper on time is tough because these assignment writing services have too much work to do and in most of the cases students end up Getting their papers late which can be very bad for them.

You need to make sure that the service provider you are hiring is reliable and understands the significance of timely delivery so that you do not face any problem with the quality of work as well as submission on time. Along with this, getting a plagiarism free content should also be your first choice as plagiarism is an academic offence and it will not be forgiven by the teacher. you need to understand that the assignment writing service you hire offers the most reliable content along with a plagiarism report that you can submit along with your paper to the teacher and look forward to better grades in class.

When you seek reliability, you are liable to work with the most top rated and credible assignment writing service that will keep in mind all your instructions and guidelines for writing the paper. You need to remember that there are hundreds of assignment writing services in the market that claim to offer the best writing help to students but it is up to you to select the most reliable one that has been offering top quality assignments to students.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Methods to Choose Best Assignment Writing Services

If you are a student who has been given an assignment by your teacher and you find it too tough, there is no need to worry as the best assignment writing services are there to cater to all your academic needs and provide the best solution. All you need to know is the right methods to choose the best assignment writing service that is professional as well as reliable and helps you achieve good grades in class.
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Teachers assign assignment writing tasks to students because they want to know how well the students have learned during their years and this is perfectly normal. You must understand their need to judge and evaluate the students and work accordingly if you want to do well in the long run. However, if you find writing a top quality and custom assignment too hard, you always have the choice to seek some help.

There are many ways and means by which you can make a good choice. This article is a guide for all the students who have been given assignments by their teacher and they want to submit the best paper for better grades.

Check out internet
Check out the internet to find information about assignment writing services and which one is the best. You will find hundreds of assignment writing services listed in the research results but you should only choose the top three or four and check out what they are offering, what they are charging and if you are satisfied with their information and credentials. Internet is a good way to choose the best assignment writing services without wasting too much time and efforts.

Find out reviews about assignment writing services
Only finding the assignment writing service and reading its information is not enough and you must also check out if it is a reliable service provider that has been working in the industry and has made a name for itself with its professional assistance. There are many websites that provide unbiased reviews about the best assignment writing services so check out the service provider you have selected here so that you know if you are making the right choice. This will help you determine if you have chosen the best assignment writing and will get the best paper.

Talk to the assignment writing service and judge yourself
The last step in this regard is talking to the assignment writing service and judge if you find it good enough. Talking to the custom support representative as well as the writer will give you a good idea if these people are professional and can deliver what you seek from them. Provide them complete details about your assignment and see what they say and you will get to know if you are making the right choice and if this is indeed the best assignment writing service.

The above given methods are the best when it comes to choosing an assignment writing service and provide students a chance to excel in their class with the most brilliantly written assignment by experts.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Guidelines to Get Success in Examinations

Guidelines to Get Success
Students face difficulties when preparing for exams. Examination is the important phase that every student has to face in their academic career, therefore students should be prepared for examination. There are some cheap dissertation writing services which can help them in getting questionnaire to prepare for exam. The examination is conducted in order to know the understanding of students and their effort in learning. Moreover, it also reflects how much a teacher was successful in providing education or teaching students.

Students can prepare for exam easily if they listen every lecture attentively and learn the lecture in a perfect manner. However, students could not give enough attention to their studies due to their other activities of academic career such as making the project and assignment. Students should understand the importance of examination before it’s too late. The students who make notes of each lecture can easily prepare exam as they can easily recall the lecture given by the teacher in class.

Students who are working at part time jobs, frequently fail in their exams, as they could not manage time for preparing exams. The student should make notes and collect notes that provided by the teacher in order to pass their exams. Students should update their notes of each subjects as these notes will help them to save themselve from failure at the end of the day. Making notes also save time of students. Students do not have to read all the chapters from the book if they have up to date lecture notes with them. They can only pass through those notes and easily understand the important points. Time management is very important for exam preparation. Students should fix their time for studies if they are working part time. The student can learn each and every day only passing through their regular notes of very short time. It will help them to recall every lecture when preparing for exams.

Before examination, students should be serious in their studies. Students do not have to think only about studies all the time, but there should be some fix timing for their studies as well. Students should make a schedule for each subject for learning and they must follow that schedule because many students only make a timetable and do not seem to follow them. You should follow the timetable accordingly to pass your exams with good grades. You could become hectic when preparing for exam therefore they you should not be stressed because it will not allow you to learn efficiently. Do not put much pressure on yourself while preparing exams. You should divide time and section of chapters to read.

Online writing services also provide the best notes as well as great personal statements of each subject to the students who are working part time or those not taking regular classes. Moreover, they have consultants that also provide information on how to prepare for exam and important tips while learning. Online writing services provides notes through email that student can easily read. Students can ask for more information by consulting online consultants if they do not understand anything from notes. Students should take their study seriously by taking their classes regularly & attentively and they must take help from online services to get ready-made notes if they are unable to take classes regularly due to other responsibility in order to get good grades in exams.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Some Guidelines for Writing Great Personal Statement

Writing Great Personal Statement
Writing personal statements for students become necessary if they are looking forward to get a scholarship and on easy and simple terms too. Getting a scholarship becomes really necessary for students in cases when they are not being financially supported by their parents and they need proper resource of money to spend to hire dissertation writing services to see them through their degree and their college education getting help from experts.

It is with help of personal statements that students can describe and explain themselves the right way which shows the college or university admission or scholarship committee that the student is best suited for the particular program and will achieve good marks in future. When writing a personal statement, it is very important for the students to understand the relevance to the subject of the paper or the program and work on it the best way to ensure success. This article brings some good tips and guidelines for students that can help them write a great personal statement for getting scholarships of their choice and achieve their desired results:

It is necessary for the students to go through the qualifications of the scholarship program to write a thesis proposal and understand what they require from the students. Unless the students know what they are required to write about and what they need to write in the paper which appeals to the scholarship committee and they are able to pass that assessment. However, students need to understand that they are meeting all the requirements for writing a thesis statement which are needed to apply and get the desired results.

The students also need to know if the personal statement they are being asked to write is a comprehensive one or a specific response statement. While a comprehensive personal statement is one in which students are not asked to research too much on the program but focus on their own achievements and the reasons they want to stick to the particular program for their personal targets.

One important point for students to remember when writing a personal statement is to critically analyze themselves and make sure they are not all praises but also include their shortcomings as well as their desire to learn which makes the decision making people understand students for what they actually are and what can be done if these students are granted the scholarships.

The students also need to ascertain that they are fit for the scholarship by finding academic writer both in personal as well as academic capacity and thus it becomes necessary for them to identify the specific traits, accomplishments and ideas to support their ideas. The students must know that while they are analyzing themselves, they need to keep in mind the key specifications that are highlighted in the admission application form. If the students work the right way and understand their motivations as well as their career goals and explain them the right way which proves that they are best suited for the scholarship, they will have a much better chance at success and completing their goals.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Suggestions to Write a Thesis Proposal

Write a Thesis Proposal
In schools, colleges and especially in university students are supposed to work on thesis, dissertations and research papers in the last time period of their degrees. Students because of their busy life schedule couldn’t give time to their thesis and other things. The most difficult task of students’ writing thesis is to write a proposal of your thesis. You need to work hard to work on your thesis proposal. You need to study so many articles, books and online sites like Phd dissertation writing service providers to get authentic information about your topic. This task is very time consuming and time taking. Students usually got sick of these activities and they used to delay their work which takes too much time to complete your degree. Even it takes more time to complete your degree.

When you are in the university, teachers will assign you a work related to the writing of research paper or thesis to complete your degree. You need to bear in mind that if you want to write anything related to academic writing and related to your thesis, the utmost thing is your research or thesis proposal. The importance of thesis proposal always lies in this fact that without it you can never write your thesis. Your teachers and supervisors will never allow you to work on your thesis. If you will work on your thesis proposal properly, there are many chances for you to pass in your thesis as well. A good thesis proposal always develops a good thesis so far.

There are different points to work on a thesis proposal. Students are instructed to follow the very simple pattern to write their proposals. The more they will indulge themselves in complexity the more they will lose concentration and the more changes of failure will increase. Basically research proposals are always based on different things that are; the topic of your thesis, aims and objectives of your thesis, salutation, introduction, literature review, the methodology and finally the theoretical framework. And in the initial stage you are supposed to write the references and supplements in your research proposal. There are different utmost points that are supposed to be followed by the students whilst writing their thesis or research proposal.

First of all literature review, this is the most important part of the research paper. In this you are supposed to discuss a lot things relate to your literature and the literature that has been already studied from centuries and so. You also need to mention all the topics for global warming essay or literature that has already been studied by other writers on the same topic that you have taken for your work. Always criticize the ideas of others on the bases of your study. Secondly, the other important step is research methodology. You are supposed to write about your research area and the methodology you are going to use while writing your thesis. The next step is that you will have to write about your citation styles and references that you are going to use in your text.

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